This website is a step-by-step guide on how to draw a
human head, including the facial features, where to put them, and some
extra details.

 ~ Head Shape ~

1. Begin with the best circle you can muster. If you need to trace
around something circular, go for it!

2. Add your chin now. This shape will be a rounded triangle, or a
three-pointed shape, like this -->

3. Erase the bottom part of the original circle to give it a clean finish.

Voila! You now have a head shape.

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~Detail Placement~
4. Draw a long, but not wide plus sign across the head you've created. This will signify where to draw the eyebrows, eyes, nose, and even mouth.

If need be, adjust your chin shape to fit the plus sign.

You don't want your eyes too low or nose too high, so you'll want to draw this plus sign almost like a cross (horizontal line a bit higher up than the center of the vertical line).

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~Detail's details~
5. Before drawing facial deatures, you should practicae drawing them individually on a separate piece of paper, or layer, if you're drawing digitally, first.

6. Once perfected, put the eyes right across the horizontal line. This will help you achieve an even pair of eyes.

7. If needed, draw another horizontal line to assure even eyebrows as well.

8. Now, the mouth. Again, draw another horizontal line if need be. The mouth has a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to emotions. Here, you'll learn how to draw a neutral, comfortable expression. Therefor, your mouth will simply be a line with some curves to it, as shown there.

9. Next. The nose is a bit tricky. What you'll want to do is draw three small lumps, all on one connecting line, pointing downward. Then, add small circles to the two points in the middle. Thess are your nostrils, so fill them in.

10. Add small lines going down from your eyebrows. These signify not only the depth of your eyesockets, but the jutting out of your nose.

11. Net, throw some ears on the sides of the head. Simply draw a backwards, dull three (3) on the left side.

12. Then a small six (6) on the upper half. Then mirror it to the right side.

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~Extreme Details~
Now that you have your face completed, it's time to add some extra detail to really set things in stone.

13. First, shade lightly underneath the nose. Since it's a feature that juts out of the face, unline other facial features, it'll have some shadowing under it.

14. Next, add very light shading under the eyes to show that the rperson you're drawing has some backstory. Sleepless? Tired? Allergies? That's up to you!

15. Now, put some light shading in the inside of the little six (6) you drew in the ear. It's a crevasse, so it should have some depth.

16. Finally, add detail and shading to the eyes. This should be the most enjoyable part, because this is where your creativity really becomes handy. Regular pupils, stars, slits, whatever your heart desires!

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~Congratulations! You now know how to draw a human head and face! :)~

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Good job !!