How to Build a Gaming Computer


People play video games in a variety of ways. Consoles are less expensive and more convenient, but with some extra money, gaming PCs can give better performance and graphics. Building a computer may sound hard, but with instructions and the neccesary parts it's easy and less expensive than buying a prebuilt one.

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1. Processor (CPU)
2. Motherboard
3. Graphics card
4. Storage
5. Memory (RAM)
6. Case
7. Power supply
8. Fans and cooling (Preinstalled depending on case)
9. Optical drive

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1. Unscrew and open up the case.
2. Open up the CPU cover on the motherboard with the lever.
3. Put the CPU in and close the CPU cover firmly.
4. Put the heatsink over the processor and secure the screws.
5. Push down the clips on the RAM slots.
6. Put the sticks of RAM in and pull up the clips.
7. Snap the motherboard's I/O shield into the back of the case.
8. Put the motherboard into the case and slide it until the ports go through the I/O shield.
9. Screw the motherboard to the case.
10. Remove the expansion slot covers on the back of the case.
11. Push the graphics card into the slot on the motherboard, then use the thumbscrews to secure it.
12. Take the hard drive bracket out and secure it to the hard drive.
13. Slide the hard drive into the drive bay.
14. Take out the screws securing the power supply bracket.
15. Attach it to the power supply.
16. Thread the cables through the case and push the power supply into it.

Use the manual for your motherboard to locate the spots to plug cables in for the rest of the steps.

17. Attach the USB 3.0 cable.
18. Attach the HD audio cable.
19. Connect the power supply to the graphics card.
20. Connect the power supply to the motherboard.
21. Connect the power supply to the hard drive.
22. Connect CPU power pins into the motherboard.
23. Connect the heatsink to the motherboard.
24. Connect the case fan to the motherboard.
25. Connect the case fan to the power supply.
26. Connect the hard drive to the motherboard.
27. Turn on the power supply.
28.  Turn on your computer.

After building your computer, install your operating system, which you can buy a disk for online or get from a local computer store.

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