Family Consumer Science


    About Mrs. Hanson

Mrs. Hanson graduated from University of Northern Iowa.  After graduation she started her teaching career by being shared with Corwith -Wesley-Luverne and Boone Valley as the Media Specialist.  When Boone Valley dissolved she was hired exclusively by CWL as a Media Specialist and Middle School Family Consumer Specialist.  After 14 years she left teaching to go to a different part of Iowa.  Mrs. Hanson worked for 2 years as the 4-H Program Assistant in Plymouth county.  After a two year absence from teaching she returned as a Family Consumer Science teacher at Hinton Community School.  She was at Hinton School for two years.  Wapsie Valley school was the next location for Mrs. Hanson  as a FCS teacher for 4 years.  She has been at North Butler since the reorganization of the school starting in the Fall of 2004.


       Essential Learnings

Greene Community Schools have three Essential Learnings. They are as follows:




                                             **Expresses ideas clearly in variety of ways

                                                  **Effectively communicates for a variety of purposes


                             *Complex Thinker


                                             **Uses appropriate resources and technology to find need information

                                                  **Uses appropriate strategies to find a solution to the problem


                            *Responsible Citizens


                                           **Demonstrates respect for self, others, and their environment

                                                **Abides by the rules of their environment

                                           **Demonstrates active involvement in their environment



     Class Expectations

      To come prepared for class each day.  This includes writing utensils(no red pens on any assignments turned in) and book if your class has one.

      Leave all distractions in your locker.  Toys, or items not needed for class will automatically become my property if they are out in the open and causing a disruption.

      RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT!!  This means you will show respect when I am or a fellow classmate is talking.

      Gum will be allowed until it comes out of the mouth or heard and then it will be thrown in the wastebasket.



                     Mrs. Hanson's grading scale is as follows:

A ..................90 - 100%


B ..................80 - 89%

C ..................70 - 79%

D ..................60-69%

F ...................below 60%