Mr. Almelien's Home Page

Thanks for stopping by the web page!! My name is Isaac Almelien and I'm a Math teacher at North Butler High School. I graduated high school in 1995 from Forest City High School and received my bachelor degree from Luther College in Decorah (Go Norse!!) in 1999.

I teach the following classes which you can click on to receive more information specified to each class:

Algebra I

Algebra II

 Advanced Math


If you need to reach me and can't find me (I'm probably golfing), drop me an email at and I'll get back to you ASAP. 

If you're have trouble with a math problem and you can't find me try these other helpful links (The Math Docter is great and he'd be glad to help you): 
Math Help | Northern Trails AEA 267


Examine North Butler's ESSENTIAL LEARNINGS

 Examine 9-12 Standards and Benchmarks

You could also ask Mr. Mouw who is pictured below.